Marketplaces and online shops
Consolidate customer interactions across multiple channels and don't lose any information. Earn more with not a single call missed.
Earn more without missing out on a single call
Consolidate customer interactions in multiple channels, not a single call should be missed.
Assign calls from different types of customers to dedicated employees
Take the workload off the support service with contextual knowledge base for clients
Develop a dedicated support team
Reduce the expenses of internal communication
Communicate with customers in the most comfortable way, without unnecessary switching between them.
Improve the quality of customer service. Keep your customers coming back.
Consolidate the entire customer process from initial contact to receiving feedback in one place.
Keep development resources focused on the main business process
Use an out-of-the-box solution for internal p2p communications in the service. Integrate all customer communications in one place with embedded chat.
Questions to support
p2p communication between marketplace participants
Personalized marketing communication
Clients leaving? Tasks not completed? Purchases not being made?
Why rush between different services, try Fiber — a chatroom for any tasks and solutions.
Negotiate the contract just in time
Answer a customer's question or remind them of a personalized offer
Prepare content for promotional materials and many more
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