Technological services
Make customer support efficient without overmanning.
Services cost at least 3 times lower
Fiber is the tool for user support, task control, corporate chat, CRM.
Process user requests 5 times faster
Contextual knowledge base, flexible rules of assigning requests, usability on all devices - all this helps to respond faster.
Make dozens of channels a single information flow
Why waste time switching and duplicating information — let the collected information work for you.
Friendly customer support
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Implement your service flexibly and efficiently
Prompt and point-to-point communication with customers.
Implement end-to-end customer requests processing from the first contact to the last level of technical support.
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Make your service more reliable
Improve your service through honest and anonymous users feedback.
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Respond quickly to customer requests
Help your customers with pre-answered questions using the knowledge base and situational automatic messages.
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